Add your cards 

and coupons

trreek black card

Know your friend's cards.

Have you ever seen a cashback or discount on a particular bank card while purchasing, but don't know whom to ask for? Trreek unfolds before you, your friend’s cards so that you can save on things you’re already buying.

A wallet for personal coupons.

Upload your personalized coupons and save yourself from the hassle of remembering the coupon details. Let your app take care of your coupons while you are busy with your schedules.


Get instant alerts.

Get alerts before your cards and coupons get expired or a new card is shared with you. See how much virtual money you are having at any instant.

How trreek works!!!



1. Download App

It’s available in Google Play Store.
 Signup using your mobile number
and password.




2. Add & Share

Add your credit, debit, loyalty, gift cards
and coupons to your trreek account only once.
You have got options to share with only you
or with as many friends as you like.



3. Request

Want a card; you can search who among
your friends have the desired card.Click
to request and enter the card details
wherever you want to.

Secure trreek

Keep your cards and coupons details safe with us and use

them worry free at millions of payment sites and mobile apps.

We won’t share any details with your friends without your consent.

Lock it with a secure MASTER PASSWORD.